Temperfield Solutions on AWS

AWS can offer tremendous business value and we are here to help.

We want to make it easy for you to capture the value potential that the AWS Cloud has to offer your business.

Backup to AWS

Benefit the infinite scale of Amazon S3, designed for 11 9s of durability, in a pay-as-you-go model. Achieve immutability to protect your data from malicious deletions or Ransomware. Simplify your Backup Strategy and leverage existing Backup software capabilities such as deduplication, compression. Define Backup policies that natively select a specific Amazon S3 storage class.

Disaster Recovery to AWS

Take a proactive approach to Disaster Recovery while keeping your costs in check. You cannot avoid every disaster that happens, you need a plan in place to get you critical applications back up and running.

AWS Security Audit Analysis

One effect of our digitalized existence is the increasingly frequent occurrence of cyber attacks incidents, most often with costly and damaging consequences. As sophisticated tools and methods become more widely available to threat actors at low cost, companies are looking to harden their infrastructure running on AWS.

Effective Cloud DDoS Protection

With DDoS attacks becoming relatively inexpensive to launch and hire as a service, especially in relation to the amount of damage they can cause, many organizations with an online presence are researching financially feasible approaches to prepare for these kind of attacks.